Brand New Vacant Home For Sale

We have a facility to provide cover for Brand New Vacant Homes that are for sale.

Most insurers will not provide cover for brand new homes that are vacant and up for sale as their un-occupancy clause requires someone to live in the property.

However, we are pleased to offer cover to our clients with Allianz under a policy specifically negotiated to provide cover for Brand New Unoccupied Homes that are up for sale.

This policy provides cover for your Building and also Public Liability cover for you as the property owner.

There are certain terms and conditions for this cover that includes:

  • The home must have been recently built and the completion certificate issued by the relevant certifying authority.
  • The definition of Building includes fixed coverings to walls, floors, and ceilings. Including fixed carpets, curtains and/or internal blinds to a maximum limit of $25,000.
  • The policy DOES NOT cover Vandalism or Malicious Acts to carpets, curtains, blinds, fixtures and fittings, all white goods, stoves, cook tops and hot water services.
  • The policy DOES NOT provide cover for the theft of white goods, stoves, cook tops and hot water services.
  • The minimum security requirements are Deadlocks & Key Window Locks.
  • The policy does not provide any cover for furniture on Display.

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