Builders Warranty Insurance

Builders Warranty

Builders Warranty Insurance is a legislative requirement under State/Territory law in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA for contracts over $20,000 in NSW & WA (or $12,000 in VIC, ACT & SA). It protects homeowners from faulty workmanship or non-completion of a contract if the builder cannot through Death, Insolvency or disappearance. In NSW, it also provides cover with non compliance of a CTTT order.

By law Builders and Tradesman require a home warranty insurance certificate(s) to be issued in favour of the homeowner prior to any residential works commencing.

Builders Warranty products can appear to be daunting and complicated, but not for our team of dedicated experienced professionals at The Insurance Builders Broker. We can streamline the process, get you on-site and building sooner.

We are available to answer your questions and take the “complicated” out of Builders Warranty. We deal with all Builders Warranty Insurers and Agents (except for Queensland) and have underwriting authority with a NSW agent. We work with our builders to get them on site sooner with as little red tape as possible. When Eligibility is approved, Warranty Certificates can be issued usually within 24 hours, often the same day.

Download NSW Builders Warranty Documents

Additional information can be found via the following links:

iCare –
icare (Insurance & Care NSW) is a Public Financial Corporation that delivers insurance and care services to the people of New South Wales.

NSW Fair Trading –
NSW Fair Trading Provides Licensing and support to Tradespersons

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) –
Regulates the home building compensation fund (HBCF) in NSW

HBCF Builder Self-Service Portal

Icare have created a HBCF Builder Self Service Portal for builders which enables the builder to have 24/7 access to be able to:

  • Apply for new certificates of insurance online
  • View current open projects
  • Obtain a copy of current certificates of insurance
  • Close off any completed projects
  • View Eligibility assessment results
  • Obtain your current certificate of eligibility
  • View your approved Open Job Limit and Job Profiles
  • View your current Risk Based rating (Loading/Discount)

How do I get access to the portal?
To gain access, you will need to appoint a self-service portal manager within your business and send us their full name, mobile number and email address to

You can then appoint other users in your business if required, who will not have access to sensitive information about your business.

As your broker, we will arrange to have HBCF provide your self-service portal manager with their login details.

Visit the icare website to find out more and take a look at the portal.

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