Insuring for a disaster in your small business

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March 31, 2015
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July 30, 2015

Here’s a timely news article about the benefits of Business Interruption insurance and how it is a business lifesaver. Note the bit about “we were lucky we had a great broker.” Guess which broker? You got it! Yours truly, Don Hutton Insurance Brokers.

Source: Pittwater Life Magazine.

Thinking you are invincible in small business can be an unforgiving mistake.

Style Printing in Mona Vale has been a family-owned Instant Copying, Printing, Signage and Design business for 29 years, but last year saw them go through a flooding crisis that brought a quick halt to their operations. Shayna Price, Managing Director and owner says: “It was the one thing we had not planned for. We never expected a hot water system between the floors to explode and come through the most technologically equipped shop in the building like a fire hose.”

Style, luckily had the proper insurance coverage that most small businesses often miss on their annual budget and reviews. Whilst they were limited to only a small percent­age of their operations for eight months, having the right insurance coverage meant a new-for-old replacement – and now they finally have brand new business equipment.

“It’s important to read your policy every year and make sure you are covered for the correct value – most things will tend to rise in cost to replace each year and if under­insured could cost a small business a fortune,” Shayna told Pittwater Life.

“We were lucky we had a great broker with a great policy and also a great insurance assessor. Along with a business interruption policy, this allowed us to keep the business going.”

Style’s new machines are printing as usual and back to doing everything from copy­ing, signs, design and print. Find them at 2/2 Bungan Lane, Mona Vale. Phone 9997 7833.